Jean M. Feugang


Dr. Jean M. Feugang
Assistant Research Professor
Facility for Organismal and Cellular Imaging
Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mississippi State University

Dr. Jean M. Feugang is a Research Assistant Professor in Reproductive Biology at Mississippi State University. He is an accomplished embryologist who started working in the reproductive area during his graduate studies at the French National Institute of Agriculture Research (INRA, Tours-Nouzilly, France) and Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and postdoctoral fellowship positions at The University of Arizona, Tucson and Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS. His research career began in 1997 with the setup of the in vitro porcine embryo production at INRA, which led to the birth of the first piglets from totally in vitro-produced embryos (Marchal, Feugang, 2001). Currently, Dr. Feugang conducts various research projects on animal gametes and early embryo development at Mississippi State University. His research activities have generated numerous publications and he has been author and co-author of more than forty peer-review papers and abstracts. Dr. Feugang has also presented over than twenty oral presentations at national and international scientific meetings. This publication record built on (i) research activities funded by various agencies (e.g., internal funds of universities, NIH, and USDA-ARS), (ii) successful contribution of highly motivated students from various background and nationalities, (iii) and numerous collaborators from clinical, academic and private areas. Dr. Feugang is well-introduced in his area of research and actively contributes to the success of related professional societies. He has served either as reviewer or editorial member of prestigious scientific journals (i.e., Biomaterials, Journal of Biophotonics, Journal of In Vitro Fertilization, Human Reproduction, Reproduction, Fertility and Development, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology) and meetings such as the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS), the worldwide respected professional society in the field of animal reproduction. Dr. Feugang is also member of various professional organizations. Dr. Feugang and his colleagues at Mississippi State University (Dr. Scott T. Willard, Dr. Peter L. Ryan, and Dr. Mark A. Crenshaw) are now pioneering in a new research program with the aim of employing nanoparticles for non-invasive bio-imaging analyses of specific animal reproduction systems. With this ongoing research, Dr. Feugang is seeking for new collaborators with interdisciplinary interests.

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