Welcome to the 5th Annual NANOBIO SUMMIT2017

hosted by the University of South Alabama

Nano Bio Summit | Nano Bio Summit
Deadline for Regular Registration and Discounted Reservations for Hotel Rooms: October 5, 2017
Late Registration: October 6 - Oct 19, 2017 • View Late Registration Prices •
Late Registration Prices:
  • Full 2 Night $500 (increase of $150)
  • Full 1 Night $350 (increase of $125)
  • Full ­ No Lodging $200 (increase of $100)
  • Student 2 Night $425 (increase of $150)
  • Student 1 Night $275 (increase of $125)
  • Student No Lodging $75 (increase of 50)
  • Extra Banquet Ticket $80 (price is doubled)


The NanoBio Summit aims to provide an opportunity for leading nanotechnology and nanomedicine researchers, scientists, engineers and students to participate and showcase their research findings. There will be an ample opportunity to network with scientists working in the nanomedicine field to form long-term research collaborations. The ultimate goal is to form long lasting collaborations with research institutions and R&D collaborations and commercialization with private industries. Several scientific companies will also participate as exhibitors.